Seaport Seller’s Checklist

Seaport Seller’s Checklist

Selling a home or condo is usually an indication of another adventure to follow, so naturally, sellers tend to focus on a point beyond closing day. After all, the future may include yet another fabulous location, a possible career advancement, or the culmination of a personal goal. Part of moving on, however, means wrapping up all the details of your former lifestyle. An integral part of this includes preparing your current residence to look and function at its best before putting it up for sale.

Already, the city of Boston has accomplished much of this for you. The incredible views of the world-famous Boston Harbor and skyline offer ready-made attractions to anyone who finds such an astonishing location highly desirable. In addition, the abundance of activities, including world-class restaurants, fabulous museums, art galleries, and an array of professional sports events all serve to further promote the region. There's also a host of water activities, as well as a vibrant nightlife. Indeed, Seaport is an amazing community in which to live, play, and work.

With such an intriguing locale providing the perfect backdrop for Seaport homes, most sellers find it only takes a few more steps on their behalf to land the premier offer their luxury abode deserves.

Create an inviting entryway

People need to be impressed from the moment they are introduced to your home or condo. As with any encounter, first impressions often set the tone for the rest of the tour. The entryway to your residence should appear clean, fresh, and well-maintained. Upon entering, observing a well-lit, neat, and inviting entrance is likely to encourage people to explore further.

What's an inviting entrance? An attractive entry is tidy and free from excess clutter. It should provide a natural transition between your abode's exterior and inner spaces. A professional stager can provide invaluable advice on how to successfully blend the more practical aspects of this transitional area, i.e., a place for coats, keys, and shoes, together with beautiful finishing touches that will entice buyers to want to see more.

Highlight your home's inner beauty

We know that first impressions are crucial, especially when it comes to selling a home. That's why we're sharing these simple yet effective ways to make your home stand out. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with these tips that definitely make a difference.

A room with a view

Most of the condos and homes in Seaport are designed in such a way as to provide incredible views of the breathtaking outdoor scenery. To facilitate such views, it's essential to ensure all windows are meticulously clean and free of obstructions. Once again, a skilled stager can offer helpful advice on how to maximize outdoor views, including drapery and hardware suggestions to highlight this essential feature of your residence.

Clean, declutter, and organize

The rest of the interior rooms should also be clean and free of clutter. Preparing for the listing process is an ideal time to begin discarding the items you no longer want, packing your non-essentials, and organizing the rest to prepare for your move. Personal decor, especially, should be removed from visible areas. People interested in purchasing your dwelling should be able to remain focused on how they will use the space.

For those items that can't be packed right away, plenty of attractive storage solutions are available. If you have valuables, consider storing them off-site until you've finalized your move. You can also talk to a professional for advice on safely storing costly items as you go through the moving process.

While a thorough cleaning will often eliminate a variety of odors, it's still important to evaluate the air quality of each room. Homeowners must track down any odors that remain after a deep cleaning and take steps to remove them. In some cases, homeowners may need to consult with a plumber or other housing expert to eliminate an unpleasant smell.

Consider strategic updates

As you're packing and decluttering, you'll want to examine the fundamentals that comprise your dwelling. Outdated light fixtures, stained or broken tiles, doors that creak, loose handles, worn or dirty carpets — all these issues should be addressed either through cleaning, repair, or replacement.

Some of the updates will be easy DIY projects accomplished with minimal effort. Other updates, such as multiple painting projects, repairing or replacing broken or outdated tiles, or replacing the flooring, are best left to the experts. Presenting buyers with fresh, beautiful, and professional updates is essential. As people move through the various rooms, you want to reinforce the impression that they can unpack and move into their new location. There won't be any repairs or amateur DIY projects to prevent them from settling in right away.

Consult with your real estate agent

If you're unsure how much or how little updating your residence needs to look its best, your real estate agent is an excellent resource to help you develop the optimal strategy. A highly skilled real estate agent understands the local market very well and can identify the specific updates that translate into great selling points and, eventually, a substantial ROI. Especially before undertaking any major upgrades, such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel, consult with your agent to determine if the project is the best course of action.


Unless you're an interior designer, elevating your domicile to next-level luxury status will require a visit from a professional stager. Staging professionals are the go-to experts to highlight the best features of a residence. They're also highly skilled in turning awkward, unused spaces into areas that offer real value to prospective buyers.

The grand reveal

You'll know when your dwelling is ready to greet visitors. As you examine each area, it will appear transformed and ready for the most discriminating inspection. The fundamentals — the walls, the flooring, and the fixtures — will all appear refreshed and updated. The air throughout the home smells fresh, and all the rooms are well-lit and beautiful, with understated and complementary decor. Naturally, the outdoor views are spectacular. You'll love the final product of all your efforts, and so will prospective buyers.

Work with a top-tier real estate agent

No one knows upscale Seaport real estate quite like David Mackie. Working solely with premier properties throughout the area has only served to deepen David's knowledge of the expectations and requirements of luxury clients in the Boston real estate market.

David understands that the marketing and selling of Boston's finest properties involves imparting his expert advice to sellers wanting to develop the full potential of their property. For a seller to receive the best possible ROI, David also knows the other half of the equation involves accurately assessing the expectations of today's buyers as they search for their next luxury property.

If you'd like additional tips on how to market your luxury abode, please visit David's website for contact information.

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David puts his client buyers' and sellers' needs as first priority and combines intense services with decades of knowledge of the Boston high-end real estate market.

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