Why People Love Living in Beacon Hill

Why People Love Living in Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is one of the most highly coveted neighborhoods in Boston, and with good reason. The cobblestone streets are lined with rows of historic brownstones, with a variety of four-legged, furry friends and their immaculately dressed owners. Even though living in Beacon Hill can make you feel as if you’ve stepped into the past, this neighborhood is plenty close to the city and its enthralling nightlife, allowing you to get the very best of both worlds.

While the beauty of Beacon Hill and its illustrious array of condominiums and townhomes are some of the main selling points for those who are looking to make the transition to this neighborhood, there are so many other reasons why Beacon Hill real estate continues to attract interested homeowners throughout Boston and beyond.

Historic hub

The Beacon Hill neighborhood began with the development of the South Slope in 1795. The Mount Vernon Proprietors, an establishment of wealthy real estate investors, began constructing the first residential buildings in the area. This area was very intentionally spaced out and built, framed by the Boston Common, Charles Street, Pinckney Street, and the newly constructed State House. As the community expanded, the North Slope was developed, which became home to working-class folk in the area.

Living in Beacon Hill gives you access to your own little slice of history, which is especially enthralling for the dedicated bookworm. Throughout time, many prominent figures flocked to this gorgeous community, making it home to revered authors like Robert Frost, Sylvia Plath, and Henry David. With such rich history flowing in this community, the neighborhood eventually became the first to gain the status of a historic district in 1955, conserving its old-world charm for decades, if not centuries, to come.

Close to downtown Boston

The best part about Beacon Hill is that you’re able to soak up the small-town aesthetic while never having to give up the fast-paced, metropolitan lifestyle you love. As you make your way out of the neighborhood, you are immediately greeted by the Public Gardens and Boston Common, some of the most beautiful areas for a mid-day picnic or after-work stroll. Skyscrapers tower over you in the distance, and the smell of local food trucks and carts is enticing enough to become a part of your daily routine.

Being so close to downtown Boston means you have everything you need right at your doorstep. The Park Street subway station is a short walk away, allowing you to navigate the city without the nuisance of a vehicle. The Theatre District is incredibly close, too, so you’ll be able to catch a show and enjoy the crisp air on your short walk home. So, if you’re caught between living in a small-town or bustling metro area, just know that with Beacon Hill, you’ll never have to choose.

Walkable community

Beacon Hill is one of the most endearing walkable communities in Boston. You will never have to go far to find a last-minute gift for a friend or a scrumptious deli sandwich. Beacon Hill is perfectly situated in the city, close to overfilled bookstores and notable event spaces. You are a 15-minute walk from the TD Garden, mere minutes from the Boston Common and Public Gardens, and just as close to several college campuses, including Suffolk University and Emerson College. No matter what your interests are, you can satisfy each and every one of them simply by traversing your neighborhood, never having to give up views of impeccable architecture and foliage in the process.

Prime real estate

Beacon Hill is the ideal community for anyone, whether you’re deciding to raise a family or enjoy the neighborhood solo. The housing market in Beacon Hill is always booming, and with rising rent prices, purchasing a home in this neighborhood is only making more and more sense. It remains one of the most desired neighborhoods in the city, so even if you decide you’d like to transition to somewhere like Back Bay, you can find relief in knowing the value of your home will likely not fall victim to market volatility.

Beacon Hill real estate is supported and bolstered by its unbeatable location in the city and access to dreamy and scenic hubs like the Charles River Esplanade. Beyond the location, it is the architecture that truly captivates interested homebuyers. Many of the homes were designed by famous architect Charles Bulfinch, whose legacy is forever immortalized in the Bull & Finch Pub at 84 Beacon Street, now known famously as Cheers. Each building ranges in architectural style, from stately Federal buildings to Colonial Revival and Greek Revival homes. The ornate wrought-iron fencing and the exposed brick attract hoards of interested buyers every year who are dying to make their mark on this well-preserved neighborhood.

Amazing restaurant scene

Nothing compares to a good meal, especially when you can walk less than 10 minutes to get one. Beacon Hill has a wealth of high-end restaurants and cozy eateries to choose from. Chef Barbara Lynch’s flagship restaurant, No. 9 Park, sits in a timeless townhouse across from the State House, providing a thoughtful, seasonal dinner cuisine of favorites like Red Snapper Crudo and luscious carrot cake for dessert. Those who can’t get enough of French fare may be partial to Chef Jacky Robert’s Ma Maison, a delectable family-friendly spot with rich pan-seared foie gras and unbeatable duck Magret. No matter your tastes, there are plenty of restaurants in this neighborhood to fulfill any of your cravings.

Beacon Hill: The city version of a small town

You can choose to settle down in the suburbs, but why should you have to choose between quiet charm and big city thrills? Beacon Hill has everything you’re looking for in a community, and unsurprisingly, those who plant roots in this community tend to stay a while. From the sprawling architecture to the impeccable selection of boutiques and restaurants, Beacon Hill is a neighborhood that offers historical relevance, intimacy, and excitement all in one.

There are plenty of incomparable homes in Beacon Hill for sale, and scoring a home in this sought-after community can feel like a dream. David Mackie is one of the best real estate agents in Boston, and he’ll make sure that every one of your real estate dreams turns into a swift reality. Contact David today to begin your journey toward the perfect Beacon Hill home.


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